Whistler Web & Print specializes in creative, cost efficient web & print solutions.


Our Methodology

We question. We listen. We understand. We add value. We research, review and refine. Only then do we suggest the right solution. Then more checking, improving, evolving...you get the idea.

We know that every client's requirements are different. That's why we work in tandem with our customers to build an excellent rapport. Strong business partnerships with our clients give us a greater insight into the way in which their project should progress from the very outset.

Our Procedures

The single most important phase of the design process is the planning phase. Without thorough planning and the implementation of a tested strategy plan, it is unlikely that a web site or advertising campaign will succeed. Every project that we undertake is developed around our five-stage strategy process:

Stage 1: Discussion and Initiation.

  • Establishing contact
  • Initial meeting (by telephone, e-conference or in person)
  • Defining client's requirements
  • Generation of comprehensive site, systems or network proposal
  • Generation of quote
  • Approval of quote and proposal

Stage 2: Research and Planning.

  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Defining technical requirements
  • Defining time-frame requirements
  • Organization of project team members
  • Documentation of above data delivered to client
  • Generation of contract
  • Approval and signing of contract

Stage 3: Building the Prototype.

  • Generation of initial site, systems or network architecture
  • Initial implementation of colors and navigation systems
  • Initial development of required scripting and coding
  • Initial creation of primary graphics
  • Refining of functionality and aesthetics
  • Implementation of company branding techniques
  • Client approval

Stage 4: Full Development, Testing and Launch.

  • Content integration
  • Development of backend technologies (databases etc)
  • Completion of graphic design
  • Revisions and approval of final draft
  • Cross-platform testing, revisions where required
  • Documentation of test results delivered to client
  • Final approval and upload to server or systems commissioning
  • Launch and completion of financial transactions

Stage 5: Support and Maintenance.

  • Comprehensive training
  • Continued priority technical support
  • Ongoing maintenance (if needed and arranged)
  • Promotion and marketing (if arranged)

One thing all our projects have in common is 'future proofing' so that they evolve as your business does, while protecting your investment.


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